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Take the Guesswork out of Breast Augmentation

Going under the knife is always a big decision, especially when it comes to breast augmentation, a procedure that can affect your self-esteem and body image for years to come.


Reasons for undergoing this procedure are very personal and range from desiring a change in bust size or shape after a pregnancy, weight-loss or to simply feel more comfortable and attractive.

What if you could eliminate a bit of guesswork and anxiety from your decision-making process? Moreover, what if you could see the “virtual” post-op results of your upcoming breast augmentation BEFORE the procedure even begins?

The Vectra 3D digital imaging system gives you a virtual tour of how your newly augmented breasts would look on your actual body. This visualization will leave you feeling confident in your surgery, by allowing you to see the possible final results of your new breasts on your body and how they would look with a bikini or bra.



It all begins with a scan of your torso, which is immediately uploaded to a computer so that the doctor, together with your input, can discuss possibilities and choose your desired results. The beauty of this sophisticated system lies in the multiple point of views it offers so that the patient can have a clear idea of what the outcome of their surgery will be.

This virtual tour comes free with your breast augmentation procedure at Eden Esthetics and in this Facebook live Dr. Claudio Corral explains how Vectra 3D can help you visualize the results of your breast augmentation.

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