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Our Vision

At Eden Esthetics our vision is to become the leader in esthetic health for the Caribbean offering products and services at the forefront of technology to elevate the experience and well being of our clients.

Our Philosophy

Esthetic health is our philosophy. We take excellent care of our patient’s during their visits; we do not focus on external physical appearance alone. In most cases, we recommend esthetics, personal trainers, nutritionists and certified masseuses to optimize the patient’s results. Our goal is to be able to offer, not only a solution to our patient’s esthetics needs, but also a wholesome and healthy lifestyle.

Our Environment

Our exclusive, relaxed and safe environment is accredited by JCAHO, the highest accreditation entity in safety for the patient. It is considered as the “Golden Standard” in health services. Eden Esthetics is accredited the same way community hospitals are; doctors and nurses from JCAHO inspect our facilities and evaluate our personnel.”

Our Goals

At Eden Esthetics our Mission is to offer a first class experience in our integrated clinic of esthetic health, with a variety of innovative products and services designed to improve the well being of our clients.

Look AND feel your best!